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We have stayed in the Garden Suite several times, and it is just fantastic. Sugar was terrifically communicative and accommodating. Beds are super comfortable; kitchen is well-stocked; and there are very thoughtful touches that make the stay carefree. It is especially nice having two full bathrooms and a wager/dryer. We plan to return again and again.

Seroquel buy


Our third visit to the cottage; clean, comfortable, well-equipped kitchen, tastefully decorated, great location. Co-op market, downtown shops, and theaters are within walking distance. A minor plumbing problem was quickly fixed by Sugar. See you again next year!

Seroquel no prescription overnight


My husband, sister, and I spent three wonderful days at this Ashland retreat. Quiet neighborhood that’s no more than five minute’s walk from all the Ashland “action.” Charming decor. Well appointed for those who want to dine at home. SUPER CLEAN! Love the keyless entry. We look forward to returning to the cottage as often as possible. – Karen L.

Seroquel buy cod


Everything exceeded expectations. – Paul W.

buy Seroquel no prescription


Everything we hoped for! Loved the comfy beds, well-equipped kitchen, location, and special touches.